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When it comes to the B2B sales cycle, your time is valuable and the marketing and communications sector has become more and more complex (regular turnover, unverified information sent out, programmed marketing, mass mailing...).

So how do you make the best use of your time to make prospecting cost-effective? How do you target the right decision-maker quickly and get yourbusiness objectives moving? On what differentiating features should you base your sales pitch? When do you contact decision-makers? is the ideal business assistant, meeting your prospecting requirements with the greatest efficiency by giving you plenty of filters for selecting prospective decision-makers, but also giving you all the latest information about advertisers and agencies.

Increase efficiency

Learn how to increase efficiency with intelligent data and in-depth knowledge of your clients and prospects.

Latest news

Follow the latest economic, marketing and media news for targeted companies with the news feed: Save time on reading newsletters.


Keep up to speed with new appointments, movements and updates with agencies and advertisers by registering your list of sectors and key accounts: Keep abreast of daily changes in the marketing and communications sector.


Identify and analyse a targeted population with multi-criteria searches: Fine-tune your field of prospection.

Organisational charts

Shape your business strategy with the aid of organisational charts for the main departments within companies.

Interactive service

Request an information listing from us. Use our interactive service to contact our researchers directly and ask them to generate or change contacts or specific companies.


Send personalised emails directly to decision-makers from the solution andsave time with your prospecting.

Generate new business

  • All of this information is listed and updated daily by a dedicated team managed in-house.
  • We aim to give you all the information you need for developing a sales pitch that’s most appropriate for your target audience: Contact the right person with the right message at the right time.
  • is a team of experts working on behalf of clients, providing dataand tailored support for successful business activity and generating new business!

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