FREE HANDS | November, 2022

Each month you can find in our newsletter “The European” a section dedicated to the white card of the month.

A look back at the speeches of these communication professionals who share with us the way in which their professions have been reinvented in recent months …


Creating a culture of reflection within the organisation.

The world of work has been through profound changes over the last three years, which have dramatically changed the way we view our working environment. We are witnessing the end of one world and the birth of a new one, generating a multitude of questions and issues to be resolved.

Widespread remote working, hybrid working, new managerial soft skills to acquire, loss of meaning and lack of commitment, thinning of the work/life boundary, and growing employees’ expectations of greater social, societal and environmental accountability from their company: there is little doubt that organisations and their employees are faced with a major shift that must be addressed in a way that is both thoughtful and respectful of their individuality.

Philosophy is proving to be an effective tool to enable each person to welcome change and not be overwhelmed by it. It allows us to put words to our experiences, our doubts and what we feel in a complex and uncertain world. It brings language back to the heart of human endeavours and allows us to speak accurately about things that cannot be quantified.

For nearly five years, Philonomist has been supporting its partners in their cultural and managerial transformation projects using philosophy and the human sciences. Through a media that analyzes the world of work, conferences, workshops, and tailor-made training courses, we give everyone the opportunity to take a step aside and combine dialogue, joy and reflexivity to better respond to the current period of transformation.


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