FREE HANDS | October, 2022

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The complete Customer Experience: DAM, PIM, CMS 

Do you want to organise your product information, including documents and assets (images, videos and multimedia content) from a single evolved and intelligent system?   

Flexibly manage changes to brand information and resources, publishing them without any errors and much quicker on online (website, social, e-commerce) and offline (points of sale, press) channels, by integrating DAM, PIM and Headless CMS functions.  

A PIM – or Product Information Manager – is designed to organise product information, making it accessible on catalogues, websites, web, mobile and marketplace applications. If integrated with a DAM – Digital Asset Manager – which collects brand and product multimedia content, the result is a powerful tool that can manage all your company resources, to service your business. 

And the CMS?   

Whereas the PIM and DAM strategically and consistently organise data and assets into a single central hub, the Content Management System (CMS) draws content from the same environment to build all your applications’ digital experiences. Compared to traditional CMS, the API-first architecture, based on cloud and designed specifically for front-end needs, makes it possible to develop modern UXs, at maximum performance across all platforms.   

An integrated DAM + PIM + CMS solution is an innovative response to your digital transformation requirements, allowing you to effectively control the management and delivery of content and minimise time-to-market.


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