FREE HANDS | September, 2022

Each month you can find in our newsletter “The European” a section dedicated to the white card of the month.

A look back at the speeches of these communication professionals who share with us the way in which their professions have been reinvented in recent months …


If you have never opened Tiktok,
read this

Do you remember what you thought of the platform when Facebook arrived in 2008? “What a great digital YearBook “.  What remains of this planetary photo album? Not much as the platform has evolved to become a giant video and social market.

In the same way, Tiktok is shaped according to trends and especially user desires. This generation is having fun but also yearning to understand the world around them. So of course, you will still find dance challenges but increasingly young people (a majority of 15-30 years old) create, consume and share knowledge. This is where we come in.

At Explore Media, our daily job is to explain nuclear fission for Orano or the danger of blue light for Krys (A French optician) to our 2 million subscribers in less than a minute. If this seems unthinkable to you, take a look at our account.


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