FAVORITE CREATIVE | September, 2022

Each month you can find in our newsletter “The European” a section dedicated to our favorite creation of the month. TV spot or digital campaign, we offer you the global / European video  that touched us the most.


Sorry cats !

Back Market is launching a new campaign with Buzzman featuring thousands of disgruntled cats.

As part of its mission to change the way people consume and perceive tech products, the brand is interrupting the exclusivity of the “nine lives” enjoyed by cats with a simple message: by buying or selling on Back Market, everyone can breathe new life into an electronic device.

Smartphones, computers, headphones, all fall prey to the sneaky stratagems of the felines, who end up trying to take over a reconditioning workshop in order to keep the monopoly of several lives.

The 360° campaign was launched in Europe (France, United Kingdom, Spain and Germany).

Sorry cats, you’re not the only ones. Tech now has multiple lives, too. Choose renewed.


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