FREE HANDS | April, 2022

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The New Beauty

Under the pressure produced by the greater awareness that physical and mental well-being also depends on self-acceptance, and that diversity is an enrichment that prevents being flattened on a single model, society is changing the way it perceives beauty. Many, especially young people, seek a more intrinsic, healthy, inclusive and general form of well-being.

Brands like Gucci strive to promote diversity and inclusivity, offering styles more alligned with our times. The case of Armine Harutyunyan, the “ugly” model and the dispute that followed her appearance on the catwalks, demonstrates how necessary and urgent it is to normalize beauty standards.

Mind care

The new frontier of body care regards its close connection with mental health. This is something to be taken into due account, because the invisible wall that has been separating body and mind is no longer there. Mood imbalances, depression and other forms of mental stress have been kept separate from general well-being and treated mainly as illnesses. Today, science proposes a more integrated approach where body and mind are to be considered as one and treated accordingly.

Beauty from within

Covid-19 has prompted us to take care of our health in a more holistic way. Among the effects of this increased attention to our well-being is the amazing explosion of the supplement market, especially those dedicated to beauty. In Italy, pharmacies, parapharmacies, websites and retailers have recorded an increase in the sales of supplements and edible beauty products to people willing to take care for their own health.

Slow rituals

The lockdown has brought us to discover a new form of well-being through new and fulfilling practices and rituals. Unlike the pre-pandemic “beauty plans”, focused on immediate results and bound to last only for a short time, the new approach to self-care is slow, continual, respectful of everyone’s times and with no short-term goal. These are practices that focus on making people feel better from the inside to look better on the outside.

The future of beauty

Protection, education and resilience are and will be the keywords that will guide beauty in the post-pandemic era, when we finally emerge from the cocoon and return to face the new normal.

Nature will always inspire us and the brands both for its power to regenerate body and soul and to detach us from everything that is perceived as “chemical”, “artificial”, “non-transparent”. Brands will have to pay attention to this aspect and develop products that are effective but non aggressive, capable of satisfying the senses and calming the mind.

We are getting more and more involved in the world around us, so we need tools, products and techniques that help us manage our relationships with the others and affirm our uniqueness and beauty beyond the established standards. The new generations teach that diversity is a richness that must be practiced and that every face, every body is beautiful in itself.

Yosra HUSSIN, Strategist at FutureBrand.


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