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lefac.com is the top B2B information portal for the communications sector in Europe. It is a central hub that provides you with all the data and information you need for analysing the market, targeting decision-makers, finding future clients and generating new business.

Take a strategic approach and use intelligent data to boost business in Europe!


A few indicators for improved communication with prospective clients

lefac.com: your new playing field!

4 major functions for effective, focused and rapid market prospecting

4 key functions


Business intelligence

lefac.com gives you access to a wide choice of criteria and the latest qualified information, enabling you to improve your market prospecting process, prepare yourself better for appointments, save time and boost business activity.

  • The latest news and information, giving you a 360° view of what targeted agencies, advertisers and decision-makers are doing.
  • Basic multi-criteria searches for improved prospect targeting (social media performance, advertising spend, etc.).
  • A Who’s Working with Whom section telling you which advertisers are working with which agencies, giving you an idea of how to prepare for appointments.
  • A Pitch list section showing a list of winning pitches and current competitions, enabling you to respond.


New business generation

Get hold of the right data quickly to get a clearer idea of your prospective client and make initial business contact.
lefac.com gives you access to information via solutions such as:

  • A customisable B2B news feed updated with various B2B newsletters (media, comms, eco and sector-based) on a daily basis.
  • Weekly movements. See all the weekly moves at advertisers and agencies.
  • Customer relationship management – lefac.com can be synched with Aloha CRM.
  • Emailing platform – Identify the decision-makers and contact them directly via the lefac.com email platform.


Leading player in Europe

lefac.com has a presence in 5 different European markets, managing over 35,000 companies, 230,000 contacts and 1 million data items in all.


Tailored services

lefac.com is a customisable, configurable and adaptable solution - and the ideal daily business assistant.

  • Interactive service – Just get in touch with our researchers and ask them to generate or change specific contacts and companies.
  • Daily update of contact list– Our team of researchers makes sure to telephone every person listed on lefac.com automatically.
  • Research on demand – Specific research, one-shot operations.

Boost your business activity

The reference BtoB Marketing solution for the world of medias and communication in Europe


The weekly "lefac.com info" newsletter gives you the latest information on the media and communications sector.

  • Movement at advertisers, agencies, divisions and the media.
  • New companies listed on the lefac.com information portal
  • Current competitions.
  • New account wins.
  • The week's news highlights.
  • Our favourite video creative.

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